We are a community in a mission to create contents to "Cultivate your inner garden"
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WHAT are Mirlos for Artists 2022?

365 "Mirlos for Artists" are unique digital collectibles. Every Mirlo comes with an inspiring motto, and special attributes from Mirlo´s world. Each one represents the story of an early morning in the Mirlo-s life. Mirlo has created many educational contents for all kind of audiences, especially children over the years. Today our NFTs like our stories, visuals and music are deeply rooted in the real world, actual art experiences, and readings.
Our NFTs are minted on Stacks and secured by Bitcoin, and you can find them in the STXNFT marketplace.

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WHY are these Mirlos special?

A Mirlos is a passport to powerful real Arts experiences for all ages.
Own a Mirlo and have a say in our Mirlo Music community
in a mission to create art and music contents to "Cultivate your inner garden".
These NFTs are supporting Artists creating new contents by artists in Mirlo Studio, and the development of solutions for self-managed artists on the web3.
There is a story behind every Mirlo...

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If you own a Mirlo NFT you will be the special guest
of our upcoming private streaming Spring Concert.
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About Mirlo Music

When Mirlo met Georgina Mauriño in 1997 it was a life-changing moment for them. Since that moment they partnered, publishing all kind of educational contents in different formats along the years. Have an overview of our 'Vintage Collections' (1997-2017).
Today our catalogue is just a resource for the creation of new contents in Mirlo Studio, under the direction of pianist Manuel Gimferrer. A new generation is embracing the Internet of Value and joining the web3 by supporting Smartists, the app for self-managed artists on the web3.
Mirlo, Manuel and Georgina believe that art experiences help us reconnect with our human selves and values. In our studio the Mirlo Music team of professional artists are creating contents in the real world, providing actual art experiences which they want to bring to the web. This is why our NFTs are the passport for perks like concerts.

"Because we need to find new ways to cultivate our inner garden"

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